FIRST TIME SUGAREES...Prior to your first should

  • WORRIED ABOUT PAIN? Take an ibuprofen, it really helps. Not into western medicine? Try ginger or turmeric. Avoid all three if pregnant, and opt for Tylenol.

  • Avoid extreme amounts of caffeine and sugar directly prior. Treat yourself right after!

  • Avoid exfoliation and heavy sun exposure or tanning the day before -24 hours after.

    Exfoliation should be done 2 days prior. 

  • Stop shaving at least 10 days or so before you come in for optimal results!

What is sugaring?  

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that has been in practice since 1900 BC.  It uses a paste made of sugar, lemons and water to gently lift the hair into the paste and remove it by flicking it off the skin in the direction of hair growth.  


How is sugaring different than other forms of hair removal?

The sugar paste is applied and molded against the skin pulling up the hairs and then flicking the sugar and the hair off.  It's less painful than waxing, is a great exfoliator without the burns and ingrown hairs of waxing and shaving.  It also leads to permanent reduction of hair growth or "refinement".  After a few sessions, you will notice your hair become finer and or sparser in density.   


How long should my hair be? 

Hair can be extracted at a shorter length than waxing.  Best results happen with hair at least 1/8" in length, but can be removed starting at 1/16th". Basically, stop shaving 7-10 days prior, or even more for best results!  Less pain is experienced when hair is longer, so try your best to grow it out a bit.)


Can I be sugared if on Accutane or Retin-A?

These both exfoliate and/or thin the skin.  Accutane must be completely stopped for six months prior  to sugaring, and Retin-A is on a individual basis and requires a patch test.  I take your health very seriously, and require your full disclosure in order to prevent adverse skin reactions.


Can I get sugared while I'm pregnant?  What about menstruation?

Of course!  It's totally safe at that time, as sugar is a much more body safe product than petroleum based waxes.

Menstruation can be a little more painful, but it’s totally fine to come in.


Will there be any allergic reactions/ bumps/hives after sugaring?  

Some people will get a histamine reaction similar to waxing.  Usually it's less, and your skin isn't damaged.  It's the body's reaction to having the hair totally removed.  If you are concerned or have had this reaction in the past, taking an anti-histamine may alleviate this reaction.


How long does sugaring last?

Hair has 3 growth cycles.  Usually on the first sugaring we will get the first, second, and part of the third hair growth cycles.  After getting sugared around 2-3 times all three hair growth cycles start coming out at the same time.  If after the first appointment, you find stubble, it's usually the 3rd cycle poking out.  The first sugaring should last 2-3 weeks.  As you continue to get sugared, you will find that you  can last 3-6 weeks between appointments.


What happens if I have to cancel?  

Life happens, I know!  Since Pretty Sweet is an appointment only business, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance in order to avoid charge of 50% of the scheduled appointment price.  If for some reason I can fill that spot, I'll gladly waive that fee.  

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any other questions.  I'd be happy to answer them!