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Have you been wanted to take your esthetics to the next level an offer a totally organic and much less painful way to remove hair?  With Sugaring, you totally can, and your clients will LOVE you for it!  The results are better, the process is less painful, and you can rest assured that the product isn't in the least way harmful to your body!  In fact, the paste I use is made by a local company and is Organic and Fair Trade.   Also it totally rocks that this technique has been tried and true for THOUSANDS OF YEARS!  

Here are some reasons why you should make the switch:


I'm not going to lie, sugaring takes some getting used to, but once you learn even the differences between sugaring and waxing, you will be SOLD!!!!  As a gal who shaved and waxed for many years prior to my learning the art of sugaring, my life was completely changed when I got my first sugaring service.

I was lucky... I happened upon an amazing Sugarista in my town when I booked my first sugaring appointment.  She's a global phenom (check her out at and she trained a lot of the amazing sugaristas I now call close friends.  Years later, I can say that that ONE appointment changed my life.  I now run my own business and train others in that field.  Just today, a client asked me, "do you ever get tired of sugaring"  and without hesitation, I said "Of course NOT!!!"  You know why?  Because sugaring is not only the art of hair removal, it's the art of connecting with a client and making them feel comfortable. It's making a service that is typically unpleasant, that involves trust and empathy, shorter, sweeter, and fun!  

Okay, so I'll stop waxing poetic about Sugaring for now, but trust me, we are a totally different tribe of practitioners, and we rock!!! If you can't tell by now, I am also super passionate about teaching others this amazing art and embracing the idea of community over competition.  When you deliver amazing results, the rest just falls into place, I guarantee it.   

I can't wait to talk more about it with you and help you start your journey!  email me at for more information! 


About Tamara's certification process:

Tamara's has an amazing online site that helps with your education.  That means that most of the work we do in the studio is HANDS ON!!!! This allows you to really get a feel for the sugaring technique.  I  train only in the traditional hand sugaring, and do not use strips or sticks as part of removal.  It's a super rad thing to see, and has low cost to you since you have less materials to keep on hand!  Once you complete your Sugaring training, you will be fully certified! 

One day ONE on ONE Sugaring training $399-499* (this will be a highly condensed training, and models for practice will be provided).  You will leave with knowledge of sugaring for the following areas: legs, arms and underarms, brows, and bikini           (*pricing differences depend on size of class) 

Brazilian add on class for certified students just $99 add on to the beginners class! 

Advanced classes and private classes are also available. Technique refinement is emphasized, and classes typically focus on brazilians in depth, brows, speed sugaring.  These classes can be tailored specifically to your needs and areas of focus.

Email me or contact me at 971-248-0812 to take your esthetics game to the next level!